05 September 2007

suuupeeerrrr bored

My god! My god!

I'm soooo damn SIAN arhhh!
Been blog-hopping for the whole hour, wasting away my youth.

Supposed to be a towning trip, but AARRRGGGHH!
DAD AT HOME. Spoilt my plan lors.

Dad & i went Gek Poh to eat. I love the 'cha shao fan' there. Nice!
Too indulged in my food till i didn't realised Desmond was calling me.
HAHA! He smsed me saying that i'm too engrossed in my food.
Then i replied that i'm too hungry, so busy eating.
I bet i look super unglam with the hungry look. Shit luh!

anw anw, he called again.
AHHHHHH! I don't know what to say.

I seriously need a change of blogskin. This loads super long right?

ANYONE CAN HELP ME, PLS pretty/handsome???

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