25 September 2007

towning with pretties

hellohello :)


neon lights?

Out to town with Janelle & her classmates today! A bunch of pretties in town!

Had Sakae buffet, & i didn't ate much. Kind of wasted the $$ ):
I bought a new glitter fake lash, it's from dodo club. Sexy!

Embarassing moment of the day. Janelle was feeding me a chilli calamari rings.
Just then, the sauces dripped & landed on my chest area lahs!
We didn't have tissue with us & i had to went 挺胸 around asking for it.
It was damn paiseh cos the sauce kept dripping in & i only get to cover them by my hand.
LOL. Damn funny man!

Ok. I lazy to blog already.

Pictures! Be warned, there's ALOT!

Inside fitting room:

I like that dress! But too cute already lahs. Must learn to be more matured.

Pretties in Sakae:

Cine's toilet:

Getting crazy with Janelle.
There's people saying we look alike again after freaking months. WeeeT!

The group of pretties!

Bumped onto Jerald, Xuejiao & Wan long in the MRT on the way home.
I saw him at first but i thought i saw the wrong person, until he called me.


My lash of the day.

The 'strawberry' on my thigh.

Good night!

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