11 September 2007

Work @ SIM

Ponned class. Like as if i'll study if i'm there.
(Never once did we really pay attention every TUES, since June)

Helping Janelle's parents to sell yogurts at SIM yesterday.
SIM is having some students week & having some bazarr thingy.

It's pretty fun enjoying SIM student's life, but sooooo boring when i'm all alone at the booth
before Janelle came.
She's sucha sweetie lors. Came to find the lonely straight after her school (:

Lucky got her to gossip nonsense so time flew faster.
Oh. I saw Cousin Sherlyn, a Singtel girl, ex-pss Patricia & my cousin Jasmine
came down all the way from Jurong to look for me. HAHA.

The job was kinda relax. I get to sit!
Working for Janelle's mom is cool lors, breakfast, lunch & dinner is included!
Thanks pretty's mommy!

Business wasn't really good, sold like 240 yogurts?
HAHA. Not my fault actually, cos rarely students will buy,
&&&&there is a yogurt ice-cream just a stall from us!
Janelle bought 2 cups of those! You really can't put her together with food!

Not to forget, Janelle's friend(more like admirer) bought 20 yogurts from us.

I took a total of 32photos just yesterday!

Janelle should recognised this, your 7seaters!

The act cute ones!

The table with red table cloth is ours,
do we really look like we're selling eggs??

Look at the freaking amount of yogurts!

Yogurts & i.

OMG! I don't have those rabbit tooth lors. Retarded!

Crowds at the atrium,

The bag of MONEY! Cash"box". It's not a box lors.

My meals. (forgotten to take a pic of my dinner! It's bbq chicken.)
Hey! the Wantan mee got extra ingredient ok.
I've got like 4 wantons, half a plate of veggies & alot of char shao!

Janelle & her mee soto.

This is classic & exclusive!

HAHA! Janelle, don't kill me pls! Have mercy on me!

This is what i do when i'm bored. NARCICISM!

I brought these yogurts home (:

Ok. I think i should run now! My 1st paper is just 1 week away.
Off to mugging, people.

Shall end this post with the last picture.
The one & only pics with my lovely!


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