02 September 2007

yummy donuts

Donut Donut

Location: Blk810, #01-234 Hougang Central S'pore530810
Each donuts selling from $1 to $1.40 each.
Buy 6 (in a box) free 1 (sugar donut).

Wondering why i'm doing this, they didn't pay me for this little ad over here. =((
HAHA. Anyway, i finally got myself some donuts!
But then, its not bought in those shops like Missy donut, Donut factory, Munchy donut, ... ,
it is Donut Donut, situated at some neighbourhood central area.
Well, it's not cheap lors, it can go up to $1.40 & the donuts are small!
Hmmms. It looks a little smaller to me compared to Donut factory's.
Well, buy at your own wish, no point grumbling when you already decided to buy. Right?

No queues, but there's customers of cos.
Look at the crowds.

Ok. The box is so simple & plain, makes me think that its some kind of imitations again.
That is the free donut lahs.

My box of donuts!

I forgotten all their names, so i shall just blog what's the flavour alright.
Top: (left) chocolate, mocha, marshmallow strawberry
Bottom: (left) apple fillings, crea
m & cheese!, choco strawberry

That's enough of donuts i think ^.^

People, look at my sidebar & scroll it down. Did you guys saw the
new Chipster ad? Oh i love Nuffnang!
I'll blog about it again when i've tasted them k!

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