03 October 2007

abandoning janice's blog


This post is full of randoms.

I guess it shall serve as my "last word" before leaving this blogosphere.
Oh. i'll miss blogging for sure!
But........ 小姐啊! O level is just 21days later.
21days = 3 weeks!
Just mug for another 3 week will die issit? After exam can play all day night already.

Friend Steph have a birthday party at pub this 19th.
& i had practical on 18th & 1st written paper on 24th.
Imagine me having hangovers, that would make me not be studying for 2 damn days,
when 3 days more is the government exam!
FCUK big time, i seriously don't know whether i'll make it there anot.

Maybe i'll make a trip down, stay for 1hr+ & leave. I'll restrict myself from drinking.
Trust me, i'll control.

My pays will only arrive on the 21st. BAHS!

I'll still update this lovely blog of mine if there are happenings or thoughts in my mind =)
So people, miss me!


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