26 October 2007


Chemistry is a fucktard.
No comments on Geography.
Dying soon for Maths, i suppose.

How i wish all our papers flew out of the plane and landed nowhere.
Muahahahaha. Siao lang.

I know i know, this is a stupid post. But hell, O's makes me NO LIFE!
I'm like looking for jobs/events/photoshoots very hard.
Thanks to all the intros. Agents need girls for events, come on, engage me!
I started signing up on facebook yesterday. Fun mehs? I'm a nerd at it.
Add me if you are facebooking too!

Finally, i get to go out! For a dinner with my kakis.
Its like freaking 1month plus didn't meet them lahs.
Damn it, we going Jurong Point for pizza hut. So dumb lors.
Ok, this is actually Li juan's belated bday dinner.

I'll bring back pictures!!!!

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