06 October 2007

vita collagen'ed

For friends that have my numbers, i can't send out text-messages due to
laggings in my hp. Yeahs, lousy phone! & i paid the whole $128 myself for it.
^#&*$@! So.... not that i don't reply you, is i can't.
Anyway, this only occurs sometime. Alright, do call me if its urgent matters k!

Finally some proper pictures of MYSELF.

I've been drinking the new Vitagen Collagen drink everyday.
Will i get pretty after that? HAHA.

I know my hair is damn messy here. Arrrgghhh.

It has been long time since i last feeling narcism.

This is superb i tell you.
Looks as if i'm bullied, & can burst into tears anytime lahs.

Bumped onto Winson & friends at Pioneer mall's mcd just now while getting
some supper bites.
He was studying yeahs. So good boy? I doubt so.
It's getting late, i've got to go paste my fake nails. Just cut them short.
Queen Singapore's pageant grand final is tomorrow!
*Woohoo* Pictures Pictures!


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