26 October 2007

juan's belated bday dinner

Yay! We pizza hut'ed & kpool'ed!

The birthday girl doesn't want to take picture with me :(

There the nice one.

All act shy lors!

The self-obessed Janelle never fails to camwhore.

With Yingxian/Ezanne.

The freaking lots crazy pattern with Janelle.
Too random that i got no captions for them. HAHA.

we wanted for more, grabbed each other & *smoochies*

I'm not lesbian! This will tells you so.

I must state this clearly, HE IS NOT MY BF! HAHA.

I wore Jerald's cardigen. & is f-ing sexay, like as if never wear shorts lahs.

Yours truly, Janice.

p/s: Angelyn! I didn't take peektures with you lahs! Baddie!
Never get to kiss kiss you!

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