22 October 2007

pretty mommy

My mama went competing in a beauty pageant last Saturday.

ME: Ma, i blog about today ok?
MAMA: Aiyo.. don't want lahs, later your friends saw me.
ME: Nevermind lahs, i want to blog lehs. Secarly you become the next
Lao Zha Bor, then my hits will jump a few thousand ^^

MAMA: Eeeee. I then don't want hor.
ME: *Pouts*
MAMA: Hanna, but put only the pretty ones k.
ME: HAHA. No pretty ones lehs!

Mama did her makeup & hairdo at Jean Yip.
It cost $45 for hairdo & $48 for makeup. Well, i seriously think the makeup
sucks. The beautician make some blue black colour on mama's eyelid,
plus no eyeliner & mascara lahs. Lousy. I can do much better then her.

So i went like, "Ehhh. Why my mama's eye smaller then mine? The
eyebrow too thick & dark like wayang lahs. Lipgloss so light can't see
on stage one."
She replied,"Why not you take the $88 package, it includes pasting of
fake lashes, which will make the eye bigger."
I replied, "Ya, i know. I'll paste for her later. Can you help her draw
eye liner?"
She replied arrogantly,"You know how to paste mehs? Put lashes no
need eye liner lahs."
I replied," Of course! *Blink Blink* (pls lors, fake lash need to draw
eye liner to make it more natural can!)
She went to look at my side, front & went like, "Not bad, paste until quite
*Smirk* LOL!

Bombastic hair, without makeup.


While waiting...

They are all pageant title holders! Surprised to see them there.

Mommy & daughter.

Mommy & her friend.

Mommy & laoshi.

Me & laoshi.

While waiting for results.

Results time.

After crowning session.

The pretty mommy. She make me take nearly 200pics of her!
Oh no, i'm not gonna upload all. Too many of them, i'll die man.

The wedding pictures. HAHA.

Something random,
double eyelid nicer or single eyelid better??

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