07 October 2007

Queen Sg pageant p1

Queen Singapore was fab.
I'm like so in the limelight other than winners tonight lahs.
Busy escorting handsomes up & down the stage for more then 10 times!
Busy helping my teacher to look for people high & low!
Spectators must be so pissed by me blocking their way, & walking
up & down umteen times.

Oh well, i simply don't understand why the tiaras were pretty short.
But i like their sash though. It's red velvet & it's not sealed at the end.
Shelia won, Pricilla won, Jesslyn won.
Is like all my friends won lahs. & thanks, those ahlians won nothing!

I got 100 over pictures! It's in my digicam, so i won't upload all.
Super waste of time as the files are damn big.

Sad to say, you only get to see ME! HAHA!
I curled my hair using curlers!

First time wearing the crystal falsies. Chio!

I will post up more of those pics taken today. So do come back for it yeahs?
HAHAHA! Jesslyn's friend get number from me. & worst still, they said i
look 19, 20 years old. RAHSSS!

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