18 October 2007

science practical stress

So as i was midnight mugging these few nights, i'm watching this old kuku tv show
the same time. I have not seen this show in my life lahs, i guess it's pretty 10 over
years ago. Ha!
Well, practically i'm laughing at how old fashioned the people were during that
time alright.

This is Zoe Tay.

Wait. Don't you find their hair very Bob mehs? Super Bob!
I call it Super Bob because i find it's similar as nowaday's Bob hairstyle,
but Bob is not that short lors. The Bob style now is much more stylish then this
Boyish mushroom head.
Bad Bad, i'm such a baddie xD

This girl is perharps the only girl who doesn't have that Super Bob hairstyle.
She's smart!

This is a guy & a girl. But look at their hair, it's obviously the same lahs.

I've thought of cutting my hair short when my long hair is dry & dead.
Nowadays hair extention is so common & pretty cheap, i can just extent it long
if i feel like lors. Can make straight & curl ones somemore. Correct? HAHA.

Ok, back to the point of old fashioned.
Look at prisoners last time, (bad picture quality)

This is so old warden style. Nowadays prisoners where got wear like this.
Plain white tee & a short, perharps. HAHA.

Yesterday, studied at Mac. Nono, nothing gets into my brain. Cause we were
chatting more on BGR then studying huh. Hahas.
Well, its fun to discuss BGR with guys. Hiak Hiak.

I sweared no makeup here. I know i know, like a living dead.
I'll get blemishes when i studied. Not to say stress, i don't have to be stress.
Just if i did study harder then slaking my time away, i'll get blemishes.
That's the problem why i'm having them alot in Secondary school times.
So not good can!

I'm done with my Science Practical O level today.
I don't wish to say about it. Not badly done.. but i knew all my MISTAKES.
Waiting for the exam is not fun at all, i'm like stress & scare until can cry lahs.
BAHS! At least i got Rachel, Edward, Tiong meng, Melissa, Chong yinn, Alvin same
school as me =)

Suppose to meet Des & Win for lunch, i jio-ed them then in the end got to go JP
with aunt & cousins.
Sian! What a timing!

Oh ya. Ever since Jack or Jimmy tagged me, my hits nearly doubled.
Thanks arhs! Tag more Jack aka Jimmy >.<

The thinlikenothing makeup to school.

I merely put powder, thin layer eyeliner & mascara. Well, maybe for some
still think this is heavy. But i just wanna say about one girl...
She wore checkered HIGH boots, sweater, mini skirt, thick powder, thick eyeliner
& FAKE BLUE LASHES. Fake lashes lehs, blue somemore!
She think she go town shopping or taking O levels. LOL.
Ok. Stop bitching here.

Pubbing on Steph's birthday tml. OMG. Hope my schdule allows me to go.
Kbox is having annivesary offer, i wanna go sing sing relax relax!
Jio me to kbox-ing people!


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