14 October 2007

shopping therapy's lovesss

Opps. I know i'm not updating. Prolly because my life is bored this few days.
Until.... I'm out with parents to Chinatown for shopping therapy.

& yes, i bought ALOT of things. I spent them like hundreds over dollars just on my stuffs.
Bought 2 Guess? handbag at a cheap cheap rate!(its already 100 over for 2 of those.)
A whole bag of Meiji's candies & stuffs! (20over bucks on sweets.)
A pair of fake lashes. ($2.50 only lahs)
A nude freebra, those stick on kind. ($18, although i can get it cheaper somewhere else-.-)
A tube of milk bath salts, good for whitening+ a free mask! ($8.80 + free mask.)
A glitter pom pom, a feathery stuff that has internal built glitter to sprinkle on body.
($5.80, cheap for events & clubbing use.)
4 night gowns for pageant events. (nearly $400!)
That's all of my shopping loots. HAHA!

Please please, don't try to calculate how much i've spent ok.
All of these is paid by parents, sooooo i'm kinda guilty to spent so much of their money.
I just need to whine that i like the item & my dad will say k lahs k lahs.
Spoilt brat indeed. Hahas.
I'll return mummy the Guess? handbag's money cause i already promised to buy her 1.

Got an events job as flyer distributor this monday. So i'm going down office for briefing
later evening. Ponning dance class arhs!
Still waiting for my mioTV's pay, which is damn freaking long.
I need moolahs, i saw alot of branded stuffs i wanna buy. & i need to re-stock my cosmetics.
Shit lors, i'm spending too much already. I guess its good not to have cash with me.

CY, help me keep properly arhs! Don't lost ok!

Nuffnang is cool. It gave me Ads again. This time round is Nike. *Woohoo*
It will be going on for 1 week, & another Nike ones 2 weeks after.
Then, Clearasil will be here on mid Dec.
Looks like i'm only missing out F&N and Citibank's Ads. Actually i did notice Nuffnang
is giving me alot of ads. Prolly because putting ads on me doesn't cost much -.-
Well, i seriously don't understand why so many ads on my blog when my hits are pretty low
& earns little. LOL!

I just found out that mummy has a LV sling bag. It's authentic ones!
It gonna be mine now.
Lazy to post pics of this post. I'll post it tml or tues ya!

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