15 October 2007

singtel's campus call

Loooooonnnnggggg picture post ahead.
This post is freaking filled with 3 days' pictures!

I've done the Singtel flyers job today.

The flyers distributor, Janice & Kylie.

Our first location, Clementi ITE.

Kylie & yours truly,

The no caption random ones. Real retarded.

Break period chill out.

Kylie's kuku candid.

We saw Chengxi & Fiona xie fliming at JEC.

Being watching him super long after
i finally walked forward for a pic. I tell you, he is like so cool lahs.
He smiled & just as i was thinking who could help us take the pic, he grabbed my
hp from my hand & took this.
First attempt & is super nice. He must be doing this alot of times to his crazy fans. Ha!

We instant printed these at those Kodak kiosk.

My god! He's super cute lahs! Kylie said we got husband-wife face. If only.


Rushed down from practical class to SIM despite heavy downpour.

Cabbing to all our locations today. Sheesh~

Focus more on the hair colour. I think it sucks alot. I don't like bronze,
perharps darker brown is better. Look at my long falsies at the right pic ^^

Working with people you know is super fun, time flew fast =)
Hmmms. But i seriously doesn't know i need to take candids of each other.
I didn't receive sms either. I thought taking pics of each other meaning
normal pics, not those candid ones -.-


Down at far Eunos yesterday evening. Ben was late, & we got to wait!
Socialised with some of the pretties there. Spireworks is sooooooo
ulu can. See!

Hey, please lors. 2 small sized girls need to carry these back.
It's 6 person's share. 150 flyers for 1 shift. 6 girls x 2shifts each = 12
12x150=1800 flyers! Plus 6 tshirts & 10paper bags.
But Ben miscounted so we only get 1600flyers.
Thanks goodness got Ben's collegue(i guess) to help us hire & carry to
the cab. Taxi uncle don't wanna pick the 5 of us (Gillian, G's friend, Kylie,
Me & suppose him), so poor thing him had to take bus back.

We cabbed to all the girls' blk for their convenient cos of the large packages
lahs. Damn cab fare is F-ing alot! I don't need to be that kind afterall.

Btw, Kylie said Ben is cute?! Ha!

Kylie the panda. HAHA.



My shopping loots:

My leg is aching, my eyes are closing.
Woke up at freaking 5.15am! & stand all the way till i'm home.
Alright, i've got to go.

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