20 November 2007

the all in a day's post

Here's the long long post filled with lots & lots of pictures.
So if you are against any part of my body, click the [x] alright


DS is addictive!
Provided you have lots of games inside to play lahs.
It's not mine, if is mine, i would buy a pink one instead.


Went dance competition again.
Girl girl event came in 4th, which i think was bad bad!
Individual events came in 5th, which i'm very proud of it.
Cos i never even practice for it lahs, i'm like join for the sake of joining.
Got 3 rounds before getting into finals & i did it! Yay!


Long long day....
Send Kylie off, met boyf & went chalet...

Audrey came to meet us & headed to Janelle's friend's chalet.
Thought i will be so bored to death but met some common friends over there.
1 was my dance partner when i was damn young, 1 said he saw me at Pioneer Sec
re-taking O's, another 1 was a random number taker who took number from me
appears to be Jacky's godbro.
HAHA! Small small world.

Janelle & Janice...
I'm trying to seduce her. Muahahaha.

Audrey & Janice...
Boyf calls Aud a 'Barbie Doll'. HAHA!

Nahs, i wouldn't commit suicide. Don worry!

Janelle came to meet me in the evening...

Was trying out Desmond's new Samsung hp's camera.
It wasn't that bad, but i hate touch screens. Too sensitive yeahs.

At the airport's Burger King having lunch....

Group pictures...

Without me, cos i'm the great photographer!

Random candids...

My lesbi who's going back to Vietnam. I miss her!!!
I don't really care how ugly am i here, i only know we gonna snap more pics.

That's all!

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