24 November 2007

f menses

Hey. it's 12.35pm & i'm still here blogging?
Cos i did not went to work today. & that means i can forget about tml's too.

I'm so pissed with myself lahs. Darn menses choose the wrong timing!
Sucha spoiler to mess up my whole events & stuffs.
I'm already at the bus on the way where the fucking pain came.
I was supposed to meet baby for breakfast in the end PS him.
The pain was too unbearable till i had to sit inside the toilet.
WTF. & i stoned there for over 30mins. Buay tahan liaos, called mummy,

& cabbed home.
The menstrual pain was fucking like giving birth lahs.
(i'm just being exagerate, i never give birth before ok.)
Actually menstrual pain isn't a big prob to most, but to me it's like
my monthly suffers.
I don't know what's wrong with my body -.-

I wanna do my events lors. It's like i'm being shorlisted & now i can't work.
So angry with myself. I want to work! Grrr.
Emo sia.

Is either working as mio tv promoter or coordinator tml.
I'll do whatever to stop that f pain.

Sometimes, i hate being a girl or rather women.

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