09 November 2007

k-boxing & sushi-ing

Another pic-full entry...

Went Marina Square with my crazy girl a.k.a 214 & someone to jalan jalan.
We Kbox & sssiiinnnngggg yesterday!

That crazy girl was late! Super duper late!
I've been waiting at the platform from 2.25pm till 2.50pm then i saw her.
She's so so late lahs, yeahs i'm so pissed about it. But we're still alright!
No no, i wasn't the one late hors someone, is 214 ok. HAHA!

If you people are wondering who is 214, i'll try to explain in my lousy english.

The conversation goes like this,
Dining at Andersen ice-cream.........
(decided what to order)
Someone: 你叫什么?
Kylie: 214
Someone: Huh? 你叫 214??
Kylie: Ya!
Someone: 你好,我的名叫.......
Kylie & I : *stunned* LAUGHS!

*if you don't get this, someone is actually asking Kylie what is her name,
& Kylie thought he was asking what we going to order, so she answered 214.
(214 is the representing number for our ice-cream in the menu.)*
HAHA! I think it's funny!

Inside the toilet again...

I swear this is so Jo-look-alike lahs. HAHA!

The different expression of Kylie.

I thought it would be kind of awkward that day, but... alright i think.
My crazy girl is crazy enough to make me high.
Going out with her will never fails to laugh till your tummy tired.

Kbox was pretty fun, other than the part that everyone was kinda paiseh to sing.
& it was the first time i know Kbox can have alcoholic drink as your house drink.

But.. your friends must be at least 18 lahs. They do check ICs.
I'm damn scare he would wanna check mine lahs. Yaya, i'm not 18 but i got an
old face can -.-

Back home was already freaking 12midnight. & on the phone till 3plus in
the morning. Mad.
That's how i spend my Happy Deepavali!


Today, luckily toa payoh trip is cancelled, cos i doubt i'll be awake at freaking 9am.
Slept straight till 12, get prepared & off to meet my bmc friends for buffet.
I love Japanese food! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

If you think this is one of the dishes, then you are so so wrong!
This is made out of all the sauces, & whatever things we could find leftover.

I personally think the food taste good arhs, but i don't know why Eunice(Pumpkin)
give this kind of facial expression. HAHA!

Melissa is munching hapilly!

Tiong meng, what whitening product you use huh??

Kylie, what's that reaction man!

The group picture,
try taking self-pics with 5 people together, it's difficult ok.
All thanks to my orang-utan hand & self-pic skill! :)

Don't you find my pimple so cute? Tell me it's cute! HAHA!
I'm going to mask tonight to get rid of that F-ing little thing.

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