23 November 2007

blahs blahs

Mama, your daughter wants to go out!
But, shiiiiaaattt. I'm sucha scardy cat.

Woke up super early yesterday, actually it's not consider super early lahs,
that is because it's RARE for me to wake up at 9plus in the morning.
All thanks to Janelle huh. Hahas.
So i get prepared, bought mac & headed to baby's house.
Yaya, bf house again! Bo bian, he's soooo lazy! =P
Slacked & slacked & slacked.
Then headed off to town to eat & meet my pretty friends for job briefing.
Everything was ok, other than the part where the other girls get to do
bimbo jobs while the 3 pathetic us had to do Mio TV.
I hate to talk & explain so much lors. It's my job, i shan't grumble much.
But i guess it would be a fun fun day. I hope so. (:
Pls don't rain tml pls, & don't be too humid either!! I don't mind windy, really!

&&& so people, i'll be at Ngee Ann City's Singtel Xmas roadshow
this Sat & Sun, 11am-9pm.
Guys who wanna sign up Mio TV must come find me k!! HAHA.

I miss baby. Good bye!!!

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