29 November 2007

new blogskin, rants

Hey hey!
Look at my new banner! I love it very much!
& i've changed my blogskin. Neater???
All credits should goes to Yingxian. Thanks alot girl!

This loads much faster than the previous ones yeahs?

I'm aware of the lacking of entries in my blog.
But i seriously got nothing to update lehs.
These few days is either boyfriend's house or my house.
Eat, sleep, watch tv & on the phone is what i did.

& i quarrelled with parents yesterday.

You know what, my mama found out i got bf.
So she did all the stupid stuffs again.
Like locking my room (meaning no more com & no sleeping on my own),

all phones must hang up by 11pm & sleep at 11pm,
no text-messaging, & i can't even take a peep at my phone even if is
checking the time -.-

Ridiculous shit!
I've been so used to this already lors, like she kept repeating these
actions for 4years whenever she know i got bf. Siao.
Suaku, doesn't have teenage life before is it. Got bf is so common ok.
I'm already 17, not 7 or 10. Still scare i kanna cheated or whatever shit.
Like that how to get married?! I'm like so under controlled!

& Papa is so so crazy. He wants me to stop getting events job & expect me
to find a office clerk job.
CRAZY. I love to do events lors! & that is the most relaxing kind of job
which could give super good pay. How much can office clerk earn?
Only 5 /6bucks per hr & have to look at the same faces everyday is seriously
not my cup of tea.
They say they will feel paiseh to say her child got job then work no job sit

at home to their friends, while they friends all says their child work in the office.
So they compare me with others AGAIN.
WTF. Events is not everyone can work ok!

You need to have the looks, height & body! & if you have them, why not
just use it in a more constructive ways.
Nono. I'm just normal looking, so i also have times that i'm NOT being
Unless if i'm short, fat, ugly. I'll confirm go be a clerk & shut my mouth.
You know what my parents says, doing events is doing bimbo jobs.
'Stand & smile, nothing less than a prostitute!'
F ok, prostitutes do much much more!
Money comes so easily by just standing & smile, why not?
There's so many xiao mei mei out there wanna work as event girls lors.

Say i earn so little then don't take my $$ lahs. At least i still gave you
$$ whenever i got my pay hors.
Parents have not been giving me allowances for quite some time.

So i earn myself & feed myself. %#^&$!*#

Getting pissed whenever i talk to them. I know i blogged this out
very openly.
Hack care, i'm already prepared for whichever idiot who baotoh me what

i wrote in this entry. Cos i know many is reading my blog. Whatever!

Okok. I can blog is because i used the key & opened the door.
I must lock the room again before they returns.

I'll be working as parade girl this coming Sunday.
Ya, parade girl. Take the board & walk. Remember, i do only bimbo jobs. :)

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