07 November 2007

random town trip

After the whole month of mugging. We really need to relieve some stress.
So i was like pampering myself with mac's breakfast, a good sleep,
& a whole good towning trip till the night after my last paper yesterday.

Bumped onto Desmond, Winson & Chong yinn at Gek Poh. HAHA!
So coincident!

Okok. Tiong meng back out last minute for the outing trip yesterday.
Kylie & i seriously got nowhere in mind to go. But i still drag her to town.
I just wanna go walk walk lors.

We can loiter at Orchard for the whole 3plus till 10plus lahs. Girls are power!

We didn't ask each other what we wearing... & both of us appears to dress
so similarly!

Tell me i'm tall pls!! Opps!

I kept snapping random pics non-stop inside the toilet.

First, the normal ones...

Then, the act cute ones...

Long time no pose TWIST!

The crazy random...

Lastly, to the Left & to the Right...
(OMG. my face look so distorted.)

Kylie & Janice...

We each took a stupid face...
(Look, she's trying to act cute but never smile how to be cute!)

My spatic classic retarded face.
(Ok, I admit this is UGLY!)

So finally the pretty one...

Bumped onto Alvin at Cine, Shi min at Fareast, & she said Laifu & Ruixing was there too.
The whole bunch of O level kids went town yesterday huh. LOL!

My splurge....

I simply love the Fairy Skin powder from Dodo Club!
It's P-R-E-T-T-Y! I love it! Wanted to get it from The Face Shop, but it is ex.
Dodo club selling

cheaper, but i doubt there's any occasion i can use it :(

Oh ya, the clutch. I think it's cheap & it doesn't look like what it cost.
Worth it lahs, i will use one ok! HAHA.

I've got many many movie dates... But there's not good movie nowadays.
I wanna watch ghost movie!!!!
I wanna go sing K.
I wanna go Sentosa.
I wanna go clubbing.
I wanna.... work to get money lahs!!


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