05 November 2007

SS freaks

sSingapore's population, Sustaining Singapore's development, Venice.

Fcuk. I studied Conflict among countries & Good government.
Heng, i did a similar question 1 year ago on Singapore's population.
So i just copy & paste all the answer to my answer booklet.
Lucky lors, my exam venue was classroom, & so all the flashbacks rush into
my mind. I still remember vividly we were having group discussion on
this question, & i was grouped with Jerald. HA!
I can still remember how Mr Jana Banana talk about the points on this question.

Ok. This is so random.

W/o eyeliner & fake lashes my eyes look damn dead lahs. Fugly!

Tml is the LAST LAST FCUKING LAST o's mcq paper.
HAHAHA!! Out to slack with Kylie tml!!!!!!!
I'm finally free like a bird :>

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