03 December 2007

tag replies

Haven't been online for days. Finally my door is opened again.
I'll blog asap if i got time yeahs.
Meantime just some camwhoring pics & tag replies. ((:

I know these pics doesn't look like Janice.
Let me tell you, is those brows that makes the diff. :)


♥Janelle to anon: Yupps. it really varies & depends on events.

♥anon: Hii! The money is really not bad. Nobody will reveal their
amount lahs. :)

♥ANGELA: Which Angela are u? I noe so many Angelasss. LOL!
Anw, macademia choc is really YUMMY!

♥dEsmOnD: Ehhh. Soooooo... complaint lors! Hahas. Rmb to jio Win & Ray out!

♥weikai: Hey guy! Long time no see! =))

♥Janelle: Hahas. U 'bu she de' dun hire me lors! I'm ur sister lehs! LOL.
Shoo shoo! Go ur overseas, i help u co-ordinate. =P

♥shelia: Actually i meant sun's dance class. Not Dyen's event.
In the end i didn't went too. Hahas.

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