25 November 2007

work at Golden mile

Worked as coordinator at Golden mile complex.
Coordinator lehs! Like so big shot lahs. My girls must listen to me. Hahas.

So i'm always fated to be either at Golden mile or Boon lay. Sians.

I was early & my girls were all late. & lucky i still know some old colleagues
whom i can chat with to kill boredness.
Sweat like anything. Work was so damn tired!

My boy say i shouldn't use the word 'shag'. Cos it's original meaning is 'tired after sex'.
HAHA! People who always uses 'shag', you guys always sex huh! Opps. xD

Presenting to you the girls & I...
I think we all really look very tired & sweaty. Hahas.

Angela & Janice..
She don't look like 18 can. Look even younger then me, & she can chiong club
without being checked!

A random customer at the booth, he looked so fierce.
I think he caught me taking pic of him. Hahas.

The banners are in Thai languages. The girls supposed to take this & parade
round the whole Lavander.

After work went to meet my love. We ended up at Bugis & we met up with another

couple. Hahas. Singapore is so small, will always have common friends around.
Had LJS for dinner. Hahas. Boyf's friend is super funny lahs. He ate super slow i
tell you. Even slower then me, a girl ok! & the way he reacted to his slowness
was damn funny too. LOL.
Baby send me home after that! All the way to my house & he headed home
again alone. I appreciate that, really. :))

I love baby calling me baby. I just find it so cute & sweet! Awwwww.
I don't mind waking up early just to give you morning call.
I don't mind being nagged by parents just to chat on the phone with you.
I don't mind meeting you anytime i can, in fact i mind not meeting you.

I'll restrict myself to clubs as far as possible although i enjoy it alot.
& these are actually something much more then i've done last time. =)

I♥ my boy
Do you, i wonder??

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