31 December 2007

byebye 2007 =(

LOL. So that pretty car belongs to pretty Kareen's.

Btw, i went for hair extention Yesterday before work!

WeeOoWeettt! I'm lovin' it. Hahas.

Shall not reveal much, cos' i haven take pics of my hair.

Parade girls job for yesterday was alright. :)
Thanks to the pouring rain, we get paid for slacking.
Haha. & damn that bitch ok, you sucks!
Not forgeting to thanks Ziyang for the green tea treat!

I like my new friends there.

Selina, Joey(erms.. what's you name again? LOL), Jiahui,
Ziyang, Weilun... & blahs. Sorry didn't catch you guys' name.
Fun working with you people. :]

My Baby came & bring me home from GEYLANG after work.
I wouldn't dare to walk alone there ok. Don't wanna let horny guys have
the idea that i'm there to.... you know! HAHA.

So Baby & I bus-ed to his area & had Macdonald.
& then we cabbed home.
Reached home at 1plus. Hahaha.


Before i can get over my Xmas mood, New year is here!
Omg. December is filled with festive seasons. But i like it!

No mood. No plans for today.
New Year's Eve is sooooo fucked up.

I wanna watch Esplanade's fireworks!
I'm not short plus i'll be wearing heels.
Still... squeezing & sticking with millions of people is DISGUSTING!

Moreover, Daddy will be working & if i don't accompany Mummy today
i'll feel so guilty lahs. I already didn't accompany them for Christmas already.
Shucks! That means i wouldn't be meeting Baby today???
ROARS! How i wish i have siblings. This is sooooo irritating.

I don't want 2008 to come so fast. No, i don't want.
I haven't enjoy my 07' to the fullest yet! :(

YX, today will be your sweetest 2nd month yeahs? Enjoy!

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