15 December 2007

nail model, beer promoter

I was late for my appointment. Opps. xP
Went town today & have my nails done.
Am nail model for today, so i did Gel manicure.

I can only say it's rather plain & not nicely done lors. ):
But it's complimentary you see, so i shall not grumble much.
At least this can last me for a month without giving much care for my hand.

I sat there for a whole 4 hours lors! The procedures were tedious.
Sat till my butt aches like what. Lucky the manicurist there are friendly.

The School Of Make Up.
Delfi Orchard, #03-01

My nails before....

In the mist of buffing. Gel extension was already up...

& the fully extended glittery nails!
Silver french tip with blue glitters :]

Just when i'm ready to step out of the building, i saw pouring rain!
I hate the damn rain!
So i was all alone shopping while waiting for the rain to stop.

See... i am so bored!


So this was yesterday night, where i'm working as the beer promoter.
At 7eleven lahs, not some kopitiam lors.
Suppose to stand & give out freebies. Job was easy, but standing is sucky!

Please don't think that beer promoter means wearing skimpy outfit!
I was like.... covered from top to toe! Hahas.

I don't like beer! Liquor perhaps!

I'm suppose to promote this! LOL!

I'm tired! Sleeping early tonight!
Tml still got my parade girls job. Ahhhhhh!

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