08 December 2007

imma sms addict (day 1)

Cabbed to Janelle's house early in the morning to settle some work's stuffs.
Work today was fun fun & slack slack! Hahas.
Cos' our flyers wasn't send to our outlet, so Peishan & I waited for it for
very long.
Jobscope was to talk to students about the student plans & was armed
with spray cans supposingly to ask students to put on the temporary tattoos.
But teenagers were like so paiseh lahs, make us so don't know what to do also.
JP is my usual hangout, i saw so many of my friends lahs!
Pulled them to put on tattoos. Muahahaha.

Take a look at what i'm wearing.

The temporary tattoo i was talking about.
Am i consider a SMS ADDICT? I sent only 800+ messages per month.
Opps. xD

My fun working partner, Peishan!

So while waiting for the flyers to reach us, we camwhored!
Nono, is i dragged her to camwhore with me. Hahas.

So now is my turn!
People who have any problems with my teeth or my scary face,
you can choose not to see. =)

Now is working time...

& this is Stephy! She's so steady when i ask her to put on the tattoo lors.

Peishan managed to did it for a Watson flyer girl, while I did it for a Watson
flyer guy. Hahas.

My mummy don't know how to SMS lahs. She wanna act she got
'ang kong' only. HAHA!

Maybe alot of you have seen these interesting flyers, but this is my 1st time.
Hahas. Ku ku lors.

The left over flyers & tattoos i've brought home.
I've got alot alot of those tattoos now! Anyone wants it i can give them to you!

The event is extended for another day! Yippy!
Friends, come JP find me lehs. I help you paste 'ang kong'!
This is privilege lehs, i wouldn't do this everyday. HAHA!

ROARS! I miss my boyfriend's huggies!!!!!

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