11 December 2007

it's our 1st month

Happy 1st month to Baby & Meeeeeeee!

Soooo.... How did we celebrate???
Sleep at my 2nd home, i mean his house.
Serious!.................................... But of cos we did went out lors!

It was a pretty good date apart from the pouring rain.

So we cabbed to Vivo city. Walked around for quite some time looking
for a place to settle our dinner.
& finally we ended up in Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant
(hope i get the name correct).

We ordered these:

Shedded pork with fried egg & mushroom rice(something like that).

Erms... i only remember it was something in the baked rice with italian sauce.

Lychee & Strawberry Aloe Vera.

So while waiting for the food to come, i snapped a few pictures..
believe me, its just a few. HAHA.

Did you guys not see my boyf before? There you go...

Baby's kuku face while exploring my iPod Touch.(Ya, B u're right!)
Hahahahaha. Funny right?
The silly look so shocked/gong! Don't act innocent can! =P

Tada! The bill + movie tics!

We rushed for Enchanted after that. Rushed.
Cos i ate kinda slow,so we was practically LATE for the movie. Hahas.
I wonder why so many said that movie was nice, indeed its nice lors!

Headed home after movie & slacked downstair my block.
All the way till 11plus yeahs. Hahas.
All thanks to me, B have many zi lian pics now & of cos my fatass face too.

Oh ya, wanna know what i did for Baby????
DON'T TELL YOU! Or maybe when i feel like yeahs!

So that's how i spent my 11-12-07. (:

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