07 December 2007

lalala~ i'm crazy i think

I've watch The tattooist with Baby!
& i went accompanied his friends to get a tattoo.

Eeeeeeeek. The process of getting tattooed is like so painful lahs.
But can't deny that it's nice nice! Chio!
Nono. Kill me i also wouldn't have a tattoo. I'm very fickle-minded,
so i'll confirm regret having permanant things on my body.
Having tattoo is troublesome, cos there'll be problem when dressing,
can't join pageants, & cannot join SIA. Somemore i can't stand pains!
I used to paste those temporary tattoos. Hahas. Yeahs, childish. Whatever!
At least i can change design whenever i like! Wahahaha.

Hey wait! The heat for blogging is not up now.
& i seriously got no ideas where to start.

Look at what boyf is doing!
He is passing lipgloss to my face! & so causing my left cheek appears
shiny or rather oily!

Hey stalkers!
Will be working tml despite me didn't went for the selection.
So i'll be at JP from 1pm till 3pm giving out flyers!
Where's JP?? Slowly figure out yourselves! HAHA.
Heard that we will be wearing Santa hat, so dumb but cute lors!

Sayonara people!

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