26 December 2007

m-e-r-r-y x-m-a-s!

Hello everyone,


Ya, i know it's already belated. But who cares! =x

Xmas eve was spent with my Baby & his friends.
Aiya, his friends also my friends. Hahas.
Xmas is getting so not fun cos' we already grown up yeahs.
Now which teenager still play with spray cans? Very little lors.
I miss playing spray cans with Kakis though. :(
First time being so clean & not being touched at eve can!
Damn all Bangalas! LOL.

& i met Kenny after the countdown lahs.
He happens to be my boy's bunch of friend.
Kenny is my secondary school's classmate, so you understand why i
find it so stunning huh. Cool eh!

Went home only at 3plus in the morning. It would be more fun if i could
ton overnight. ;)

Alrights, pictures taken!

Merry Xmas, Janice!

See, Baby got influence by be already.

Santa & Santarina!

I don't know what expression is on Baby's face. Hahas.

Hey, Baby's fooling around with the hat lors!

& i don't know why i'm not smiling,
when Baby's there trying to act cute. =P
But don't you think it's cool?

This is what happen if u put Si Ah Beng & Si Ah Lian together.

Damn it, tell me i still look innocent! HAHA!

Baby says he look better not smiling,

but i think i must must must smile to look good.

Awwwww. This is ohsowrong can! =x

Anyway, I'm starting to love my hair now! =]

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