20 December 2007

moolahs & town are love

So i went town & got part of my pay today.
Cabbed to Janelle's house & waiting in the cab for fucking long time.
It's like the meter jumped bout 4bucks before she hops in lors!

Anyway, all the pretties met up at town for our pay.
Finally i get to see my rewards for working so "hard".
(Frankly speaking our job is not even difficult at all.)

So Janelle, Jin man, Chien juen, Ben(our "boss") & i went to have lunch
at Village! Yummy!
Walk around at town together & i bought a Diamond Dazzie perfume.
It's a Japan brand & bought it at cheap cheap price! I love the fragrant!
Chien juen & Jin man bought the same one too! I was saying like,
"If we went out together next time, the whole bunch of us will smell the same."

Did some help out for Shirley to give out free Singtel wrappers.
Ehh. Free labour lors! Should have given us an hour's pay. Hahas.

Cabbed with Janelle back to Jurong & have her hair dyed.
We was like cabbing all the way the whole day.
Fuck you City & Comfort's cab ok! Cabbing nowadays are so ex lors!
& you know what, super dumbass things always happens to Janelle.
LOL. She dropped her handphone on the cab. & we realised it just when the
cab drove away with another passenger.
She was damn lucky that the driver gave her the receipt with the plate's number,
whom the smart me called the cab's operator for this particular driver's number.
Good enough, she got her phone back lahs.

Janelle's hairdye is pretty! I love the highlight shade!
I hate myself for making stupid decision, to cut my fringe.
Arrrggghhh. Help! Can fringe do extention?? LOL.
I had bangs again. I swear i look damn ugly in pics with bangs but it looks
alright in real though.
Hmmmm. But still, Fuck my kuku fringe can.

Yaya. We cabbed back home again. Cab fare for today can buy me a top alrready lahs!
Shit man.
I need new heels & hair extentions! =))

No pictures yet. It's not with me.

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