26 December 2007

more updates

More updates for yesterday & today!

I do notice my lacking of updates. But i'm busy you see.
Busy sleeping, busy patoh-ing, busy dota-ing.
Nahs, I don't play Dota, but i sit there & watch Baby play.
& who's the stupid brainless inventor of that dumbass Dota game???!!!
You have won the 'boyfriend stealer' award ok!
Pawn here pawn there fun mehs? Just don't understand guys.

Out with parents yesterday to HongGuo & eat.

I'll rate the food there 3.5/5 =)
Not bad lahs. Hahas.

Azabu Sabo's Green Tea Red Bean is heavenly!

After ranting for so long for a new heel, i finally bought myself one.
It's Charles & Keith again! Hahas.

I swear it look 2561032 times way gorgeous in real.
Simply love it's stylish heel.

Baby's gonna get his bike license soon!
HAHA. Accompanied B to driving center & waited fcuking long for the Q.
Ehhhh. I just know driving center's receptionist are chiobus lors!
No wonder guys all go there for license!

Cabbed down to Heeren to meet Yingxian & his boyf today.

So we double dated & had Sakae sushi!
I ate like i never eaten for days lahs. Hahas.

So we went Far East's Newbies to look for XiaoTong. =)
Cute tong tong!
& we went to slack at Ah Kun.

After that we separated from them & headed to bf's usual hangout.
Slacked at the playground & then looking at Baby dota-ing again.

Cabbed home after that.
Well, cabbing is addictive alright! & this is bad bad!

No pictures! Cos' i forgot to take!
OMG. 1 Baby & 1 YingXian can make me forget about camwhoring.

Baby's going to club on New Year's eve! & he's not going to bring me along.
Hmph! So bad huh!

Bendan, i hate you! :P

Nonono. I still love my silly boy!

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