05 December 2007

parade girls, baby's love


Events at town as Parade girls.

Janelle & I. My 'manager'. LOL!

Girls at work...

I'm not sure why i smile so happily either. Hahas.

Peishan, Janice, Angie, Wan Xuan, Janelle

& so Baby's so sweet!
He & his friend came to fetch me off from work & get me Sushi! Yum yum!
Trained with Peishan. Was suppose to go for dance class, but i was late.
Also because i was damn lazy to dance with my aching legs, i ponned. =P

Brought Baby & his friend for a tour at Gek Poh.
HAHA. Omg. The way they describe GP is damn funny i tell you.
It's not that bad lors, just that it really doesn't look like shopping center.

So they accompanied me to my blk's downstairs & chatted there.
Guess what, my dad went out & supposingly to pick me up from class.
So i quickly called him & explained everything. Ya, he saw them, in fact us.
To my surprise, parents didn't scold me for ponning class & didn't prob much
for being out with them lahs. Hahas.


Baby's hp!

Bruise after the tickling by Baby. & he still claim it's cool -.-

Btw, Look at this..


Me with spec & no makeup = A total freak!
I know i look like 2 diff people. At least i got the guts to go out like this too.
Ugly then ugly lors.

& i seriously miss BMC times & BMC people.
Grabbed this from Rach. =))

Good bye! Tag tag!

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