14 December 2007


Accompanied Baby to Eunos & then we headed to Suntec, Millenia walk
& Marina Square!!
OMG. I think i can memorise all the shops there soon.

You know what, my door is once again locked, & i must be home as early
as 6 nowadays. Bloody hell.

Okok. We took lots of pics ytd. (:

LOL! I know we look funny here.

Is this better??

Trying to act like a kid!

Then we went berserk & licked!

Baby loves looking at me, & he can only look at ME. Hahas.

The randoms.

So i'm gonna have a manicure appointment as nail model for tml.
Long pretty nails! Weetsss!
Thanks Janelle, or even Chantel!

Got to work tonight & maybe tml for Guinness beer.
& Sunday as Singtel parade girls,
& Tuesday as Singtel flyer girl to cover a day for Yingxian.

Its tiring to work, but for the sake of moolahs. It's so worth it afterall!

I'm getting late, need to wash up & go right now.
Bye people!!!

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