16 December 2007

singtel parade girls

It has been pretty long since i zi lian liaox.
I meant ton loads of pictures till can lag my blog,
& all pics are MY FATASS FACE!
Haters please shoo alright! Thanks -.-

On the way to town....
Cab is always the best place to camwhore yeahs.

Work today was at least much better then the previous time.
But i guess it should be my last day for this event.
Cos i wouldn't be able to work next sunday, & new year soon!

It's always better to look at me from far then near huh!
HAHA. & the uncle is really a spoiler!

Randoms during breaktime...

Met many weird people prompting me funny questions or even some
random chats today. Worst still, people kept taking picture of us! Hahas.

Anyway, there was some promotion like getting yourselves a self picture
taken when a hi-card was bought. So those pictures will be kept for some
best picture or whatever contest. Hahas.
Looking at how the people take pics really can laugh lors.
Formal like taking IC's pic lahs.

Talking about IC, i think my IC's pic win everyone's liaos. I'm like having
my big mouth wide smiling can! Super retarded like F.
& almost all who saw my IC said i look like some kuku china lady. LOL.

Okok. We took pictures together.
& after don't know how many 326891 times of retaking,
presenting to you the pretties!
We got 1 of this each. Cool.

Orchard is always happening during festive season.
Super crowded when i'm rushing off to my class.

Grrrr. Packed with humans = Smelly!
Opps. I didn't mean anything. xP

I told you, the whole post is me, me & me.
Spammers, don't spam me lors. ):
Sorry if it hurts your eyes huh. Hees!
Lovelies, tag tag!

Good nitex everyone! =)

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