18 December 2007

singtel santa flyer

Was helping Ying Xian to cover her for a day of work at Raffles Place area.
We were to give out flyers with our xmas hat on.
The worst part for me was, we girls got no place to put our bags & the uniform
for my is knnbccb big lors. Too HUGE for me uh. -.-
Heng arhs, work 1 day only.
Ask me work for this some more i'll definately die!

I'm like soooo ugly ugly ugly yesterday. So not much pictures taken.
Luckily there's my pioneer mates to crap with me during work. =)

Lazy to type lahs. It's picture time then.

Taken during breaktime...

Xuejiao & Janice

Janice, Xuejiao, Liulu.
Told you! I look so weird!

Jerald Chia with me...

We was each given a can of Red Bull sample. 1 big can each lors!
& surprisingly, Red Bull taste fine!!!

Red Bull doesn't work on me, i fall asleep at Baby's bed lahs!
Sooooo tiring. LOL.

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