09 December 2007

sms addict(day2).. ipod touch

Day 2 for the Campus call thingy.
Too tired till can't wake up in the morning. LOL.
Hand ache like shit now!
No self pics for today as we were tooooooo busy clearing the flyers.

Saw Jingfen! So dragged her to put tattoo on.

Some cute little bengs. Ya, one bunch of cute people lahs.

"Xiao jie! Ke yi gei wo ni de dian hua man? Xiao jie xiao jie!"
Was being shocked by some idiots after dance class.
Siao. Don't play tricks on me lors, i'm like wearing home clothes plus no makeup
you telling me you want my number.
You guys lucky my contact lens blur can't see well.

The latest gadget i have!!


Its so gorgeous lors! I love it damnnn lotssss!
iPod Touch is just like the iPhone but without the phone function. =)
Meaning i can surf net with it with wireless connection!

Hey! It's Baby's & mine 1st month in 2 day's time <3

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