21 December 2007

something random

Diamond Dazzie perfume!

Our pack of mixed M&M!

Janelle the siao zha bor!

Look at her base colour!
Sooooo WOW can!

My after & before...

Getting retard!

Hey! Stop laughing at my dumbass fringe people!
You guys are so evil lors! HAHA.

Anyway, I just realised Christmas is just 4 days away!
OMG OMG! Christmas lehs!
It's the most happening festive season other than Chinese New Year.

"Uncle Santa, do remember to drop by my place & leave a present beside my
bed ok? :] "

Ok, i've got my parade girls job again on this Sun & next Sun.
Money is one sinful thing, which i'll never get enough of it.
Town is having xmas sales everywhere & they are damn so tempting!
Buy Buy Buy. I must get all i want. I don't care!

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