09 January 2008

1st lesson on jap class

Cousin Mich's hp is cool lors!

Today was my first lesson in Basic Japanese class at Ayer Rajah CC.
Was there with my cousin Michelle & cousin Cheryln :) :)
Ask me go join alone i sure don't want de lors!
Hahas. Anyway, class was pretty fun.
There are multi-racial students of all ages & even angmohs & businessman.

I'm practically eating in class & camwhoring lahs.
But i did pay attention ok.
Hello? Japanese language is not that easy afterall can!
Die. It's only the first lesson & i started to think i'll flunk the tests, if any.

Play this! I took video in class! Wahahahaha.

Oh, i look like i'm gonna burst into laughter any moment. LOL.

This is cousin Michelle & me!
She doesn't want to take picture with me... Oh well.

Gotcha! I caught you eating in class!
The pretty in green is cousin Cheryln!

I love lollipops! Get me 1 & i'll love you to bits!

That's all for today! Hahas. Sayonara~

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