13 January 2008

cny shopping with parents

Did some CNY shopping with parents today.
We didn't bought alot afterall.
Just a new kitchen cabinet, a dress for me & faux lashes.

I'm so in the mood of taking photos today.
So i camwhored like nearly 100pics on just myself!

It might lag your com while opening my site, so sorry lahs!

Went for photoshoots today. :]

Credits to: Mummy Doris

Wahahaha! You think i'll wear like this to a photoshoot & when the
quality was like @#$%^&*!

We girls loves fitting rooms!
Fit, pose, snap. Fit, pose, snap!

Bought the blue one.. but i find the purple one not bad lehs!
Father says its too short, mummy say its too sexy -.-
But i think the blue one then is the sexier one can! Siao lang.

I love to see the 'kanna-shocked-and- laugh' face from you guys!
HAHA. I'm a sadist. Whatever!

Good nite folks! ;D ;D

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