06 January 2008

damn advertlet

Fucking pissed with Advertlets lahs!!!

Didn't believe when my friends all tell me there's something wrong with
my blog.

Until when i surf it myself then i realised it.
Damn Advertlet made my blog go bonka & jumped into some 'Advertlet'
webpage. Angry.
But its ok now cos' i decided to abandon Advertlet.
Just about 20+bucks earned there i guess. HAHA!

Sorry to make you guys refreshed my page for so many times lahs.
It's like average 2-3 times per person. As my no. of views is 2&half times
my unique visitors! -.-

Anyway people, Janelle's back!
Yes, back!
(Oh, you must be thinking why i'm so happy that she's back right?)
Cos' it means my CHANEL MAT LUMEIRE reached me too!

*Janelle must be fuming mad now, & threatens to sell my Chanel away.*

Suppose to club with the girls this Wed lahs. Might be Zouk.
But then again..... My mom is signing me up for some Basic Japanese class!!
My god! Then it eats up my Wednesdaysss!

Nvm. I'm still underage & i got no guts to get into clubs also.

Boring. Nothing to blog.
Boyfriend is complaining that girls are boring, cos' we always blog!
Hello, guys always play dota very creative mehs..?
LOL! >.<

Watched R21 'American Pie Beta House & Good Luck Chuck'.
Funny funny! But gosh, i need to wash my eyes & brain already.
Sooooooo many sex scene uh!

Years ago.... when Janice is still a student who wears uniform.
Afterall i think i don't look nerd lors! & ya, my fringe is forever like this.
Worst thing, i've never changed from last time till now? OMG OMG.

HAHA! They're going to kill me for digging out these pics!

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