10 January 2008

double dated with janelle

Double dating with Janelle was fun fun fun :) :) :)
We girls are supposed to meet at 12pm but in the end i slept till 12.30pm!
Nvm, cos' that Janelle is still pigging & i had to bomb 6 missed calls before
she gets up. So in the end we met bout 3plus at town.
Alright alright. I was late in the end! ;P

So we went to walk around & finally settled at Pastamania.
To eat & while waiting for our guys to reach. Weets!

So far so good, PICTURES PICTURES!

& let me warn you, there'll be alot of em'!
Cos' both of us brought our digi cams out. xD
Come on!

Interested to know why they are like on the phone???

That bitch wanted to club at first, but after 2561428 calls made
to lend IC. She still found none.
So she abandon the idea of clubbing.
Hahahaha.I'm happy you see! Cos' i can't go lors!

She didn't touch much of her pasta. Look!

We sat at Pastamania for like hours before we went off.
Everyone was practically waiting for her to finish her phone call.
So, i took out my cam & self-pic again.


Janelle oh Janelle

After roaming around the street of Orchard, & after Janelle & Baby
had enough of scoldings with each other.
We headed 'Balcony' & chilled.

We thought they might checked us or something, but they didn't!
Perharps we look matured yeahs -.-

Janelle that chao ah lian's hand is holding onto 'something'.
Girl, you better bribe me before i blog what's the something out arhs!
kwa kwa~

Watermelon&Strawberry Margentas + Lychee Martini

Hurricane + Tequilla sunrise

Hawaiian Pizza

It's time for candids!

My turn! The damn classic me!
My god lors! $#%&*^@!

Before we headed home, i suddenly realised Janelle & i didn't take any pics
together. So we went toilet to take some.
& these are the ones i like!

Alrights. Hope this long long entry will satisfy you readers!
hahas. =))
Tag tag!

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