11 January 2008

fcuk shit day

Seriously i just accidently clicked the wrong link that leads me
to this horoscope thingy which i think is so so true lors!
OMG. I'm not that kind that will click to see my horoscope on
fs everyday.To me those are bullshits yeahs -. -

Am so moodless today.
& i have serious fucking attitude nowadays.
I bet boyf can't stand me. But he is just tolerating huh.

Everytime when i feel like finding something to 发小姐脾气,
boyf will never fails to text me something that makes me not so pissed. ;P ;P
Why like that???
Grrr. I'm like so easy give in lahs!

Janice, you're acting so like a bitch man! ^^

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