15 January 2008

girlgirl & kakis

Have a grooming appointment for GirlGirl today at 12pm but i
woke up at 11.30pm!
Which means i'm late! (when am i not late??!!)

This is GirlGirl before grooming. So cute like little lion!!

After grooming. Still as pretty as before! Chiobu lehs!

Me with the siao zha bor!

Met up with my precious kakis Janelle, Yingxian & Jerald.
Since soooooo freaking long since we last met up.

Jer says his cheek is too chubby! So we're trying to act thin.
TAMADE! I look so freaking act cute!


Ying xian & i headed to JP's Mac & continue our heart to heart chat.
Its so nice to have someone to talk to!

There's simply too much to say but things i could type is so little!
My blog is not my private diary anymore, where i could really
reveal all my feelings from the bottom of my heart.
This is so not personal anymore.
Now, i'll just leave my thoughts in Drafts.
The last thing i ever want to know was my blog being hacked!
Oh no no please!

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