26 January 2008

IPO roadshow

Hey! I'm finally back to blog!
(*blow* a spat of dust flew)

I did wants to blog few days ago, but i'm like super busy with events & stuffs!
Working at IPO roadshow from this Wed till next Wed,
had to rush for Jap class, back for results & to Rachael's chalet straight after work.
So i'm basically dead beat just for these 3 days.
Plus i'll be having a photoshoot tml & got to rush to dance class after that.
Super busy!

Did IPO roadshow with my crazy Jojo.
Hahas. She's one insane little thing lors! Working with her never gets bored!
Further more the jobscope is easy :]



My partner, Jojo!

The 2 'golf ball' guy!

We're like damn bored to insane where we crap nonsenses
& scibble, cut everything thing we have. LOL!

Random shots.

Finally it's time to go home!

After work, i rushed to meet parents for dinner & headed to my Jap class.

Day 2!

Look at Jojo, so unglam! No image le lahs!

The Mr Nice guy who helped us alot!
He's acting short u see, was he implying that i'm short??!!


Good bye for now! &come back for more!!
I still have Rach's chalet's entry!

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