27 January 2008

ipo rdshow + rach's 19 bday!

IPO Day 3

The ice-cream treat by our boss. HAHA!

If you realised, my eyes looks fucking shit in these pics.
Cos' my lens is giving me trouble & i threw it away.
With no lens & light makeup is really BUANG!

Ben came to meet me after work at my workplace & we set off to
Downtown East! Thanks for helping me to carry my loots huh, ben!

It's too pinky to be resist! OMG!

Was wearing Rach's spec! LOL.

The birthday girl, Rachael!

My beloved BMC-ian. The best guy buddies!

See! Guys can be so self-obssessed too!

The cake cutting session! I swear every girls would like this.
It's a simple yet romantic celebration i swear!
Everything was so nicely planned! The sparkles plus the roses is a 'WoW'.
Rach got so touched to tears!

Some more pictures!

We drank one of these each. It's Chong Yinn's treat!
He's really like my brother lors. I'm your poker lucky star, boy!
Anyway, it's 8.4vol. , high high~

Anyway, Ben & I went arcade to play those toy catching machine,
& he got these 2! So he gave me 1 of it!

Baby Daddy came to drive me home!
He came all the way frm his hse to downtown east jus to fetch me!!

Car rides are COOL!! I SWEAR!!
HAHA. Ya, he's Daddy so i'm the Mummy lors!
Erms.. i shouldn't talk much about it cos' .......
It's secret between boyf & i. =)

More to be updated soon....!!!
- IPO roadshow
- steamboat with Janelle & Kylie
- punggol beach photoshoots
- day out with Janelle
- Air Asia roadshow

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