14 January 2008

just another boring day

I'm like listening to my ipod & sucking lollipop. (sucking sounds so wrong ;p)
Janice is seriously bored!

But i found a good way to get myself attention when i'm bored.
That's when i put my personal message, "bored like fcuk".
Then i'll have messages popping up having random chats.
But still, i'm bored bored!

I think i've to go & look for jobs already.
Cos' this season got super little events to work.
Enough of slackings at home, i shall work towards my materialistic list.

Tml's plan will be meeting Janelle for my pay, meet baby ;)
& maybe bringing GirlGirl go cut her fur!

Anyway, tell me should i cut my hair short for Chinese New Year??
Short as in shoulder length!!!!

p/s: I have sudden crave for honey milk tea double pearl & sushi!

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