08 January 2008

day with lovelies

Had a meetup with my two lovelies yesterday :) :)
Guess who?? It's Boyfriend & Janelle!

Woke up kind of late, so didn't have the time to make up & rushed
to Baby's house.

On the way to Baby's house, this funny or rather disgusting incident
I was happily on the 174 bus, listening to my iPod, & suddenly there's
this funny odour that freaks me out.
LOL. I was sitting towards the last few seats in the bus.
I thought i am over sensitive but when i looked up infront, everyone was
practically looking around & having their hand pinching there nose lahs!
& then, the smell was not those kind of short ones. It's bloody smelly!
Then, the next was uncles switching seats.
So i heard an aunty when like "Wu ah pek pang sai si bo?"
(Got uncle shit is it?)
HAHA! The scene was damn funny i tell you!
Just then, i'm sooooo fucking sure its the smell of SHIT!
I mean i understand passing out gas is normal lahs. But hello? Shit on bus?!
I also understand that old people cannot tolerate but still.... disgusted!
Heng ah! I'm going to alight the smelly bus just 2 stop after.

My companion!

So Baby & i headed to Janelle's house in the evening.
Cabbing really kills! Cab fare nowadays are high high whooping high!

Gotcha! Janelle's super unglam pose!

& those 'Ba Kua' Janelle forced Baby to have.

Had dinner at her house!

Trying her new digi cam!
Not bad! As long as it takes nice pics of me, its good!

The gorgeous Gucci bag lors! Freaking cool & chio~

We began to play with makeups.

Accompanied Janelle to do some pay thingy, & she kept whining she's hungry.
So we ended up buying cup noodles & sit on the floor & eat.
Like some kuku ahlians lahs.
It's unglam but we don't care!

I don't know why she looked so happy eating cup noodle!

I got my Chanel!

Choc is flew all the way from Europe! & perfume is loves loves!
Janice is always smeling great! Agree, Baby??

Ok. I got to sleep now!

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