16 January 2008

my resolutions...

I know it has been days since 2008 had started!

But i'm so freaking bored & so decided to come out with my

I'm definitely not that kind of person that will stick to my 'resolutions'.
But still at least something to make me change for a better?

2008 Resolution:

1. Quit the bad habit of cabbing!
(be it alone, far or near. i'm just simply too lazy.)

2. Stop saying the phrase ' I DON'T KNOW'
(couldn't help it but being sucha bimbo. i'm irritating people out, i know!)

3. Start saving & not whining that i'm broke!
(imagine me saving up all my pay & use only my allowance. i'll have savings!)

4. More job lobangs!
(events events, good moolahs!)

5. Don't be so materialistic!
(Guess, Gucci, Chanel, blahs blahs is so tempting! -.-)

6. Wake up early & BE ON TIME ALWAYS!
(i'm stucked with the label "late queen" ever since years back!)

7. Hit 165cm & 43kg!
(It's my ideal height & weight! I'm not far away from that, come on!)

8. INCREASE my cup size!
(Wahahaha! I still love my assets lors! But how to work towards this????)

9. Be a better child/daughter!
(i'm already very guai, i just wanna be perfect! =P )

10. Be a better Girlfriend!
(Boyf will love this! Hahas. I know i know, i can be such a bitch sometime ;p ;p)

My resolutions are so cool right!
Let's bet, i think i'll only achieve one or two out of all!
Oppps. xD

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