02 January 2008

superb new year


As promised,
the post on how i spend my New Year Eve & New Year Day!

I leave my house only at 7pm on New Year's Eve. & i'm with Mom.
Was planning to go Boon Lay for countdown, but just when our bus passed by,
mummy & i went like "Nonono. Let's go Vivo."
HAHA. Hell lots of people lors. But then again, we realised bus 502 doesn't go
to Vivo City. Soooooo, we went Marina Square to join Baby & friends instead.
Hahas. Ya, my mummy joined my Baby's group of friends for countdown.
Don't laugh, cos' i know you're envying.
We got a super duper good view of the fireworks lahs.
We're like VIPs seating at the outside of Marina Square's foodcourt.

After the fireworks Mom & i went home. I know it's dumb.
So i camwhored like alot in the bus.

With my gu nia
ng scarf!

& with my cute Mummy!

Look at the amount of people there! Thanksfully i don't need to suffer like them.

Just then. something suddenly strike me when i'm on the way home.
Did you still remember i mention something that cannot be done everyday?

Hahaha. Cool right? You can see sunrise everyday, but if the missed the
1st sunrise of the year that's it right.
So i called Yingxian & Baby to meet at 5 in the morning at West Coast Park.
I know you gonna tell me this, "West Coast Park no sunrise lahs!
The sun rises at East." I know alright.
Stop laughing at me!

So i went home, remove my makeup & off to bed for less then an hour.
& quickly changed & rushed out again.
Took a Merc cab & went to pick Baby up & off to West Coast Park!

HAHAHA. The sky is still so dark when we reached.
We sing, sleep, play scissor paper stone & camwhore.

This is Baby's leg. Nono not sexy!

Mine is more sexy lors!

The couple ET! So sweet lors!
I'm jealous!!!

Snap snap snap!

We see no sun lehs!
I kept whining like, "Baby, where's the sunrise??"
Although i know we will not get to see sunrise at West Coast Park.

Me & Baby, Ezanne & Edwin!

This look so like our portfolio pic.
I know i'm UGLY. Who cares!

Baby! I don't care, let's go for another sunrise date!
This time round at EAST COAST PARK or somewhere EAST.
I want to see sunrise! Hahas.

Everyone was dead beat in the morning. Had our breakfast & headed home
to ssslleeeeeppp!
I love you BB! :]

Btw, the highlight on my hair.

This is to scare you!

Let's hope 2008 will be a better year for me!
I have faith it in! LOL.


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