30 January 2008

updates from photoshoots

Sorry for the lack of blogging!
But all those things i wanna blog about seems to be overdued!
I'm so so busy these few days.
After work was shopping session. Then headed home busy sending
pictures around, checking emails, random chats on the msn,
& off i go to bed at 1plus in the morning.
It's not late, but see... i got to wake up at 7plus in the next morning!
So 6 hours is so not enough for me lahs!
I need at least a good 12 hours to be satisfied. LOL!
Lacking soooooo many hours of sleep altogether. ;P ;P

These are a few from the photoshoots!
I haven't receive all the nice ones!!!!!!! Angry!!!
These are not nicely taken as i was so 'sian diao' but the winds,
hoping for a better result in studio! =)

HAHA! I need to replenish my sleep people!
Goodnights to all!

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