14 February 2008


I've got roses today! Valentine's day is the day to receive flowers yeahs!
So sweet! Guys, get the hint!!! HAHAHAHA.
Nope. Not from boyfriend, NOT from admirer.
It's from a girl!!!!!
Mystery mystery~

Hey! Trying to get random here.
Hahas. I've got no topic to share today. So sad huh!

I drank these in a day.
Both alcohol & beer. HAHA!
Nahs. I'm not emo or sad man. Just....

So these were the Ang Baos i've collected for CNY day 1 till 4.
Alot of earnings from Day 1! Me likes moolahs!

2 days ago a short meetup with Janelle for Sakae sushi!
We had buffet! I've been eating alot nowadays.
Almost every alternate day i'll have some cny dinner,
buffet & stuffs that needs me to eat eat eat!

I cabbed down to West Mall. Can't stand that Janelle kept
bombing my hp lors. She just can't be left alone. LOL!
Look at the pics, my hair's still wet when i'm out!

I love these 2 selfpics though. Self- obssessed.

HAHA! The retard-wannabe.

You aren't seeing things. It's double vision's Janelle.

Let me do some self reflection.

Well.... Let me just wish you couples a


For unattached ones, don't worry!


Hahas. Go down the street & meet more opposite sex ya.
One might turns out to be your partner! Hehe. =)

Yayness! Will be seeing boyboy soon!
But.... where shall we date? :( :( :(

p/s: I've got a feeling my monthly horror is coming soon.
Shit. Not tml please. :/

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